Words carry many and sometimes opposing meanings. Here you have a chanceto listen to some of my spoken (for now only in Danish) words. And understand them in whatever way that you can. But remember that these relaxations are meant to lead you to a more centered and collected experience of the body. A journey through the body can actually be done from an experience of the complete, centered body. But if this is not possible (which is very normal) then remember to let the relaxation end with and in the best collected experience ofthe body that you presently know.


Yogic relaxation is often understood as just relaxing. And it is also possible for itto work like that. And it is not uncommon (or a bad thing in itself) that studentsfall asleep. But there is a deeper intent which is actually almost the opposite: ‘Relaxation’ is about awakening the inner awareness. About letting the inner experience of the body wake up. That is the reason I have developed a more dynamic relaxation that you can listen to here. Use it when you are already calm but would like shift to a both deeper and higher gear. For example when you wake up in the morning. Hopefully it can be a good start to the day. You can repeat the relaxation as many times and as often as you wish.


This is a more classical yogic relaxation that aims at achieving a more expansive yet still present experience of the body. Notice that I do not refer to muscles but to qualities of the body. So perhaps the relaxation can inspire you to move towards a less muscular inner experience of the body. The body is not only muscles and bones but also full of space and qualities. Use this relaxation when you would like to shift to a lower gear. It is often a good idea to have been using the body actively first. Maybe you can also use it to help you fall asleep in a more conscious way.