I offer a 1-year yoga teacher training. The purpose of the training is to educate the students on 3 fundamental areas:

1) Learning the skill. How to adjust. How to teach. Based on the jeppeyoga principles of opposite directions, openness, communication and separation of the upper body from the legs.

2) Attaining a sufficient level of free and coordinated use of the body to be able to understand, value and pass on that perspective while teaching yoga.

3) Attaining a wide and reflected knowledge of the yoga world and most of what it contains.

I am the sole teacher of the education and it is therefore a fully connected and organized unity. It is an intense training in a small group (4-8 people). Within the group setting it is an opportunity to go deep into ones own practice and body and there find the desire to and meaning with teaching the yoga practice to others.

The education consists of the following practical elements:

Weekends: 10 weekend workshops with different themes. Half of the weekends will on learning the skill of doing, understanding and adjusting all the positions of the first astanga yoga series. The other half will work on the wider perspective on yoga. The weekends will typically consist of a full saturday and and half sunday (or the other way around).

Group practice: The group meets for supervised practice at least every other week. This is where the practical skills can be learned in a safe environment and questions and problems can be solved.

Assisting: The studens are expected to try out their skills by assisting in appropriate classes. When they are ready they are also expected to share the responsibility for one or more (depending on needs and possibilities) special beginner classes.

Alexander technique: The education includes 2O private lessons in alexander technique. The scheduling of these lessons will be adjusted to fit the individual student.

Own practice: The students can practice freely on all jeppeyoga classes and they are expected to practice at least 1OO times during the year that the education lasts.

The students are also expected to meet on specific times and places to try different kinds of yoga.

Seen collectively the education consists of:

At least 1OO hours of weekend workshop
At least 8O hours of group practice
At least 2O hours of private lessons in alexander technique
At least 2OO hours of normal practice
Assisting as much as seems fitting and appropriate
Experiencing other kinds of yoga

Price: The education costs 36.OOO dkr. Paid as 3.OOO dkr. a month for 12 months.

By the end of the year I will evaluate if a sufficiently high level has been reached. Both practically, theoretically and in relation to personal development. If some elements are missing the education can be extended (with continued payments) if a certification is still wanted.

An asntaga yoga practice of at least several years is a good but not mandatory starting point for the education.

If you are interested in the education please do not hesitate to contact me: jeppe@jeppeyoga.dk. It is of course possible to have a personal meeting where options can be discussed and questions answered. A certain level of understanding of danish is needed for the education, but it is very much possible for english speaking students to sign up.